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Step Father Obsession
Allie Rae has been curious about her step father for a while now but he doesn’t give her enough attention to kill that curiosity. Allie tried so many things to do this the normal way but it didn’t succeed at all until one time, she sees her mother’s dress. She then got the bright idea to put it on and see how that step dad would react. Surprisingly enough, she got what she deserved. Upon finding her in their room, step dad feels something hot in his crotch. What’s even more surprising is this man finding his intent of fuck just by seeing a piece of clothing being worn by a beautiful lady. Step dad now starts examining Allie by running his fingers all around her good bits. This happened until he bent her over against the mirror for him to admire her ass. Allie eventually drop down to her knees and starts slurping his fat cock. They went at this for a while until they decided to do this properly on the bed. Allie spreads herself wide on the bed and stepdad starts licking her cunt until its slippery enough for his fat cock to wreck it. By grabbing her one leg, step dad starts pounding on Allie’s shaved pussy. After that, Allie starts riding that fat cock as she pleases. This goes on until step dad gets off and made her go on all fours. Following that, he starts fucking that pussy hard. He goes at it until Allie lays flat on her stomach. Allie gets fucked hard until step dad can’t take it anymore. He dragged Allie on her knees and starts jacking himself off until a some tiddly winks of cum showered Allie Ray’s mouth for her to swallow. With that, Allie curiosity gets destroyed in expense for her pussy getting, well… destroyed.

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Apr 25th, 2021

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