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Dana Vespoli’s Lets James Deen Have His Way With Her Ass
The scene starts with Dana Vespoli’s interview with a psychologist. She talks about managing an art gallery, her marriage life, her trauma and hallucination. She’s determined to focus on her job and that involves working with a popular young artist about doing a show in her gallery. Next scene shows Dana knocking on the door of James Deen’s home. He’s the young artist she’s supposed to be working with. James opens the door with a coffee mug in his hands. He leads her to the lounge and while talking about the exhibition, excused himself saying he needs to get dressed. James Deen returns wearing just the same clothes. He sits next to her, and accuses her of going through his sketches. James, distracted by Dana’s beauty touches her face. He removes her leather jacket and moves closer and leans on her, his hand touching her nape. James starts kissing her and touching her nipples. James gives her the chance to leave but Dana can’t seem to stand. James touches her breasts and bends her over the couch. He makes her lick and finger the throw pillow as if it is a real pussy. James kisses her earlobe while touching her ass. He pulls her pants down, exposing her asshole and pussy. James rims her asshole, kisses then spanks her ass. He removes his robe, shares a kiss with her while he pinches her nipples. Dana takes James’ cock off his pajama. She takes it down her throat and when James can’t hold it anymore, he removes his PJ and entered Dana’s pussy while she’s bent over the couch. Dana removes her pants and enjoys every thrust James makes behind her. Fully naked, James fucks Dana from behind while holding her by the throat. Dana loves every second of it, and moaned even louder when he penetrated her ass. From anal, Dana asked James if she could suck his cock, and he more than willingly obliged. Then standing with one leg raised, James enters Dana’s asshole. Scene changes showing Dana on all fours, moving towards James who’s seated on the couch. She kisses his feet, moves up to his legs then his thigh. She sits on his lap and starts riding his cock. He lifts Dana and makes her lie on the bed with legs wide open. He eats her pussy and rims her gaping ass. He then enters her asshole while Dana licks his thumb. Pulling her to another couch, Dana now sits on top of James. His big dick goes in and out of her asshole while she plays with her clit. He stands, and while she kneels with mouth wide open, he spills his seeds in her mouth and she swallowed all without wasting a drop.

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Jan 6th, 2022

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