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My Happy Holes
MY HAPPY HOLES! A website member sent me a “GAPER” and a “MEGA GAPER” and asked me to do a video to see if I could handle it! I said I don’t know but I’m happy to try! I had so much fun it turned into a 20 min video! I did it! I’m a fucking champ! That sucker is HUGE and it felt sooooo good in MY ASS! I could play with my ass all day long, haha…. Or you could! Brand new DP & toys,. You have to hold out till the end ok? Keep on edging with me until I explode! (Turn the volume down for that part! hehehe) Open this video for me and let me know if you like it! I want to hear your comments. There is a photoset with this as well!

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Channel - VNANetwork
Jan 6th, 2022

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