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Totm – Prim And Proper
Twistys’ Treat of The Month Azul Hermosa is being put to work by the no-bullshit Kendra Sunderland. These two gorgeous maids have a whole house to clean, and Kendra has high expectations for Azul, taking a whole lot of care to make sure she leaves behind not one speck of dust. But Kendra isn’t as much of a teacher’s pet as Azul thinks, because she sneaks a peak at Azul’s perfect ass every time she gets a chance. Azul gets sick and tired of getting bossed around by Kendra, so she finally asks her if she ever has fun. Kendra takes this opportunity to show Azul that she does have fun, and she knows just how to prove it.

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Channel - Twistys
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Feb 21st, 2021

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