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Erika Love: I Love To Be Bra-free
“A talent scout found me on Twitter,” Erika Love said. This scene was shot at home because of you-know-what. Erika is on several video platforms so her home is her studio. “I have always loved having big breasts. I’ve gotten attention all my life and I love it. I want men to look. I want them to desire my huge boobs and think I’m sexy. I love knowing that I make them hard and that they probably go home and jerk off thinking about my tits.” That’s a very positive attitude. “During the day, I dress to keep it classy. It’s so easy for my big boobs to make me look slutty so I try to dress appropriately for the occasion. If I’m going out at night or on a date, I definitely show off my cleavage. I love to wear low-cut dresses and tops. I don’t have to try to get attention. Men look at me all the time no matter what I’m wearing.” Erika and bras: For everyday wear, I wear a minimizer bra. I need to keep the girls supported. For sexy bras, I like lacy and sheer bras that show off my… Read More »

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Oct 11th, 2020

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