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Greta Grindhouse And Her Backdoor Stud
Greta Grindhouse is tidying up the bedroom while her friend Micky, who’s in bed, enjoys the show of Greta bending over and tells her so. He snaps a photo of her from behind and gives her ass a lusty slap. Greta teases him by lifting up her short skirt and getting cheeky.

Greta gets on the bed, wraps her sweet lips around his cock and sucks. At first, she’s fully dressed. Then her top comes off, and then the rest of her clothes as Micky snaps shots of Greta’s butt and huge tits. Leaving on her fishnet stockings which don’t cover her sweet spot, Greta works over his stiff dick and balls with her magic mouth and talented hands.

Greta’s hot cheeks are up for her and Micky’s pleasure. As they fuck, they talk dirty to each other, building up their lust. Micky lays the pipe to Greta on her back, rubbing her clit and pumping her shaved pussy. The juicy redhead gets on top of Micky with her plump ass facing him and rides his dick hard. While Miss Grindhouse rides, he plays with her big, soft…

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Feb 21st, 2021

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