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Takes A Licking And A Sticking
“There are many foreigners in Prague photographing girls,” Marille once told us. “I didn’t think I would be successful at modeling because when you look at all the models in my country, they are all beautiful, thin and tall. An agent I hired showed the people from SCORE my photos. I think the body is a very beautiful thing and I am not ashamed to be naked, unlike American girls.”

Luckily for us, Marille wasn’t ashamed to spread her pussy and get fucked on-camera, either. In this scene, Marille is in bed spreading, patting and finger-banging her pussy.

Steve Q. enters and takes over, tonguing and fingering her honey-pie. This gives Marille the free hands to knead her big tits. Unlike American porn guys who lick a girl’s pussy in a video for maybe twenty seconds, Steve’s snacking at the Y goes on for close to seven minutes. He wanted to get this girl good and warmed up before he filled her throat with cock.

After Marille gives Steve some oral attention, he returns the favor with a

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Feb 13th, 2021

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