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Mia And The Man From Deep Fingers
Mia Sweetheart needs a nice, relaxing massage to melt away the stresses of a busy day. She’s in good, strong hands because the man from the Deep Fingers Massage Spa comes highly recommended.

Nude under her robe, Mia takes it off and gets on the massage bed. The masseur begins his hands-on rubdown of Mia’s enormous, beautiful tits. Her nipples stiffen immediately. Mia’s breast and nipple massage is long and expert. Those breasts need a lot of proper attention. Mia makes pleasure sounds, cooing and moaning, and her eyes light up as his fingers work over her big, soft boobs. He pours a bottle of oil on her tits and rubs it in.

The masseur oils and massages Mia’s creamy thighs, then she turns over so he can lay his hands on her magnificent ass, which he also oils. When he uses his wand on Mia’s breasts, the vibrations turn her on. After the masseur leaves, Mia sees he forgot to take his wand so she vibrates her pussy with it and cums hard. Another satisfied customer.

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Feb 21st, 2021

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