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Knocked Up And Cocked Up
In this Archive flashback, Shyla Shy is seven months pregnant and her baby bump is huge. Shyla’s boobies are much bigger and her areolae have never been darker. Pregnancy does that to a woman as the powerful hormones of impending motherhood flood her body. Those same hormones that alter a girl’s bod also affect her sex drive. Shyla still wants the cock at seven months. A pregnant girl’s wish is our command.

The stunt dick for this service is someone who’s fucked Shyla before. He’s surprised that she wants to fuck but he’s also ready for that sweet ride. Those dark cocoa areolae are a tempting taste treat. He whips out his big banana and Shyla reaches out to stroke it. She’s eager for it and can’t keep her eyes off it.

Using the one-handed unhooking technique, Shyla sheds her bra to show her knocked-up knockers in all of their glory. They are jawdropping in their sheer size and shape. Tits like this have to be fucked first before Shyla’s mouth is filled. Shyla holds them up and…

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Mar 23rd, 2021

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